Oct 28-30, 2016   Focus Audio at TAVES 2016, October 28-30, 2016

Another year just flew by, and we had great success at TAVES 2016 in Richmond Hill. It was quite the busy weekend filled with audiophiles. Focus Audio demoed the Master 2BE with our new creation, Liszt Concerto, integrated mono amplifiers.





Read the fabulous review of the show this year:



May 5-8, 2016

Focus Audio at High End Society-Munich, May 5-8,2016

Focus Audio will be headed to Munich once again this year! Please visit us in room A4.2 F222.We look forward to a great show. Please come by and listen and say hi! Enjoy the show!

  May 16, 2015   Our Chief Designer with our distributor Microgroove!    
Here we have Kam introducing the new Master 2 BE speaker with berryllium tweeters.
  May 14-17, 2015  
Focus Audio at High End Society-Munich May 14-17, 2015
Focus Audio headed to Munich, Germany, for the first time. Attending the High End 2015 Show this year with Metronome Technologie, it was a great success!
Showcasing the new Master 2BE with mono block amplifiers paired with Metronome's new CD8S. Here are a few show reports with excellent reviews.
  Jan 6-9, 2015   Focus Audio at Consumer Electronic Show 2015

After 10 years, the Master 3 speaker is getting revamped into Master 3BE, using beryllium tweeters. Showcasing along with the speakers are Focus mono block amplifiers, Liszt Concerto.

  Oct 31-Nov 2, 2014   Focus Audio at Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show 2014    
TAVES Show report:
  Mar 18, 2014   Classic Series FC9 reviewed by Haute Fidélité
  Feb 10, 2014   Amazing reviews for Prestige Series, FP90SE and FP88SE
The FP90SE and FP88SE reviewed by Audio Art
review on FP90SE click here
review on FP88SE click here


  Jan 6-9, 2014   Focus Audio at Consumer Electronic Show 2014    
Focus is in room 29-218 showing a pair of FP90BE.
  Jan 8-11, 2013  
Liszt Sonata amplifier launched at Consumer Electronic Show 2013
The Liszt Sonata awarded by soundstage.com as reviewer's choice
  Sept 29-30, 2012   Focus Audio launches integrated tube amplifier at TAVES 2012
Liszt Sonata integrated amplifier


  Mar 15, 2010  
Fantastic review for Classic Series FC9
The FC9 awarded by soundstage.com as reviewer's choice


  Mar 1, 2010  
Home theater setup with Classic Series
Selected by hometheatersound.com for home theater system


  Dec 1, 2009  
Fantastic review for Signature Series FS8
The FS8 receives the Great Buy award by the Goodsound.com 


  April 2, 2009  
Rave reviews for Prestige Series FP90 and Classic Series FC7 and FC9
We are proud of the FP90 being nominated as Select Component award by the Ultraaudio.com
and the FC7 receives the Great Buy award by the Goodsound.com
Jimmy Award for the FC Series by Jim Saxon in Soundstageav.com

"Focus' FC9 is one of the most sweetly balanced sub-$2k floorstanders I've heard in many a year, offering excellent imaging and soundstaging, plus a surprisingly refined, well-focused, cut-from-whole-cloth sound"- Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound  April/May 2009

  Jan. 15, 2009  
Prestige Series FP90 and Classic Series FC9 singing at the Consumer Electronic Show 2009

Economical crisis won't blow us down. Show stoppers were fascinated by the sound of music from the FP90 of the Prestige Series, 2nd to our flagship Master Series.

Your ears and eyes are deceiving you. See highly praised report from Soundstage and others on the FC9:


Jan. 07, 2008


New Classic and Signature Series launched at the Consumer Electronic Show 2008

Entire new Classic Series and new Signature models FS6, FS7, FS8, and FSC1 added to the renowned Signature Series and will be introduced at the CES at Venetian Suite 30-103. Come and listen to our latest development.





Jan. 06, 2006


  Master 2.5 launched at the Consumer Electronic Show 2006

Every one who visited our rooms demonstrating the newly launched Master 2.5 and the well acclaimed Master 3 were stunned by their excellent performance, and they showed well matched to the prestige Vitus Audio amplifiers and cables.  These are really state of the art musical performer sought by who only accept the best. See details at:

















Jan. 06, 2005

Focus Audio Master Three@ Consumer Electronic Show 2005 (Jan 06 - 10) 
Thank you for everyone visit our room. Alexis Park Room #2133.

Last year we launched the bigger brother Master Two. It becomes a hot item everywhere in the world. No compromise large flagship loudspeaker that without an unreachable price. This year, we launch the Master Three. A little smaller than Master Two but share the same technologies background, much easier to work with smaller size room.



July 06, 2004

Launching of Our New Flagship Master Series!

We have been received so many calls and emails from worldwide audiophiles about the excitement of  our new Focus Master Series. Our dealer network are all stunned by the performances after saw and heard FM2 during the CES 2004. We are working real hard to launch two models on August. We fine tune the materials and redesign with lots more details with exotic parts in last couple months. Our design team wants everything to be perfect, as they are representing our best designs in Focus Audio history. Again we put whatever we can to improve the sound quality on these black knights. The sound quality surpassed anything else we have ever designed. It is a true master piece of loudspeaker design, with custom parts and special internal wiring.


May 21, 2004

FS888 in Montreal HiFi Show 2004
The FS888 sounded excellent as reported by Rick Becker in the Montreal HiFi Show 2004!



Jan. 15, 2004

Focus Audio Master Series @ Consumer Electronic Show 2004 (Jan 09 - 12) 
Thank you for everyone visit our room. Alexis Park Room #1615.

If you have attended the CES2004, you must heard it is one of the best sounding rooms in the show. Focus Audio have launched the latest 2004 Master Series during the show, powered by PS Audio electronics, Weiss DAC and Audioquest audio cables. Everyone was stunned by this +6 feet giant loudspeaker and it is Focus Audio upcoming big project. Stay Tune.

(1) http://www.shows.soundstagelive.com/shows/ces2004/showstop2.shtml
(2) http://uhfmag.com/CES2004/day1.html

Nov. 29, 2003

Canada magazine Ultra High Fidelity rave review on Signature FS 688!
UHF editor rave review about the FS688 with "Surprisingly small, surprisingly beautiful, surprisingly desirable" Of course we totally agree what he thinks.
download the PDF file here

Aug. 05, 2003

OnHiFi magazine rave review on Signature FS 888!

Wes Philips like the FS888 so much that he wrote a wonderful review in onhifi.com. He also compares FS888 with Sohphia which is three times more expansive.
See: download the PDF file here

April 15, 2003

Son & Image Montreal 28-30 March 2003
Designer Kam Leung introducing the new FS788 in the show.

Mar. 18, 2003

CES 2003 Report
Well known audio reviewer, designer, and music label producer Dick Olsher, now senior editor of Enjoy The Music online audio magazine praised Signature FS 788 with comparison to live music in his CES 2003 report.

See: www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0303/olsher


Jan. 22, 2003

Welcome to Audio Visual Driver Int'l of the Philippines aboard to our distributors family!

Welcome to Audio Visual Driver Int'l of the Philippines aboard to our distributors family!  Being the distributor for esteemed brands like Madrigal Groups, VTL, PS Audio, Spectral, Eggleston Works, Kimber and MIT; Audio Visual Drivers Int'l now engage with Focus Audio and stir up the high-end Hi Fi market in the Philippines by launching our Signature Series speakers in the Shangri-La Plaza Mall of Mandaluyong City.

See www.geocities.com/acpsite/news.htm and www.geocities.com/acpsite/photo.htm

Jan. 18, 2003

'Le Festival Son Image' Hi-Fi Show (Mar. 28 - 30) www.hifiexpo.com

Focus Audio will participate in the 'Le Festival Son Image' Hi-Fi Show in Montreal from March 28 to 30, 2003. We will demonstrate New signature Series FS688 & FS788 in Room #510 of Delta Hotel. Please contact us to book an appointment ahead so we can reserve a time schedule for you.


Jan. 12, 2003

Consumer Electronic Show 2003 (Jan 09 - 12) www.cesweb.org 
Thank you for everyone visit our room. Alexis Park Room #1751. 

Signature Series Model FS788
CD/DVD Transport: Ayre D1
DAC: Weiss Medea
Preamp: Ayre Acoustic K1x
Poweramp: Ayre Acoustic V1x
Interconnection and speaker cables: Audioquest
Power Cables: PS Audio

Classic Series FC70
CD Transport: Mclaren CD Player
DAC: Parts Connection DAC 3.0
Preamp: PS Audio preamp
Poweramp: PS Audio HC-2
Cables: PS Audio

Nov. 25, 2002

Grammy winning recording engineer Richard King relies on FA loudspeaker
When Richard King wants to audition his mixes at home, and for checking CD and stereo/multichannel SACD test pressings in a listening environment other than his Sony NYC studio, he relies on the Focus Audio to tell him the truth of his recordings. Richard King is an active AES member and frequent panelist. He is interviewed regularly in Mix magazine, and has written for both Pro Audio Review and EQ magazine. There are more info on the tech notes section.


Nov. 20, 2002

Website updates
We have re-design some sections. If you are interested in New Signature Series and Multichannel Series, be sure to read our new tech notes area. You will find many in depth information about our products. We have just started the review section, you will see much more worldwide magazine reviews soon. 

Nov. 20, 2002

New Catalogue Photo
Our new catalogue photos online. These are extremely high resolution digital photos. You can view these photos in our download area. 

Oct. 24, 2002

Consumer Electronic Show 2003 (Jan 09 - 12) www.cesweb.org 
We will demonstrate New signature Series FS688 & FS788 in CES 2003. Las Vegas, Alexis Park Room #1751. Please contact us to book an appointment ahead so we can reserve a time schedule for you.


Oct. 24, 2002

The Hong Kong HI VI/HIFI Show 2002
Focus Audio at Hong Kong Audiophile Show. Our Hong Kong distributor Radar Audio demonstrates the New Signature Series FS688 and FS788. Date : Oct 24th-25th, 2002 : Hotel: New World Renaissance Hotel Presented by: The High End Audio Journal of Hong Kong : Room # Room Rosewood, 3/F & Room 525, 5/F

Oct. 22, 2002

The launching of new Focus Audio website. 
Thank you for visiting our new website. We will try to update much more information in the next few months. If you have any suggestion or comment, please email and let us know. We have launched the introductions and specifications of our product line including - Signature Series, Classic Series, Multichannel Series and of course the latest New Signature Series. 

Oct. 15, 2002

New Signature Series models 688 and 788 are shipping. 
We start shipping the New Signature Series FS688 and FS788. The first production run is very limited and the demand is extremely high. Please contact our dealers to see if they have these models in stock for demonstration.





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